Over 2000 years ago, Greek philosophers believed that our universe and everything it encompasses was made of 4 basic elements: water, earth, fire and air. They believed that the balance of these elements were the base for good health and harmony. The mixology menu at Taboo was inspired by this concept; expert mixologists worked to give life to a wide variety of creative artisan cocktails. With natural ingredients and home-made infusions that you can taste in our Mediterranean restaurant or beach club in Tulum.

An extensive menu featuring champagne, fine wines and cava on sizes going from the regular 750 ml up to 30 litres; to live and celebrate the Mediterranean ambiance

Taboo beach club is a place that allows for enjoyment of the best atmosphere in Tulum, heightened by the latest music by resident DJ, alluring to enjoy one of a kind moment.

Taboo Tulum is an experience designed to delight all senses, Colours, aromas and flavours, together with an amazing view and the latest contemporary music, create a laid back; eclectic atmosphere that wraps you in a multi-sensory experience.