A wide white sand beach, offering an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea, a dozen wooden cabins and elegant lounge chairs, blend discreetly with their natural surroundings.


A refuge of stone and wood, open to nature, people and full of energy. Its design responds to the ancient Greek concept of agora: a meeting place designed to galvanize the artistic and spiritual life of the community.


Located above the beach, offering an impressive view of the immense sea, the terrace is the meeting point where the best relaxed but eclectic atmosphere is born, rustic but at the same time elegant.

At the beach, with its powder soft sand, crystal clear water and fascinating natural wild beauty, you can find mental peace and positive transformation.

Taboo Tulum presents an organic textile collection with the objective of preserving artisan traditions. With the highest quality, soft leather, natural and sensual fibres; a unique collection is created: ideal for resort wear, day and night.

Taboo presents unique jewellery that reinterprets some ancient holistic and medicinal traditions that have been in use for centuries. This concept gave birth to luxurious creations, designed to bring spirituality and healing to the wearer