Over a wide White sand beach an amazing beach club spreads out; with wooden beach lounge chairs, rustic huts, outdoor lounge sets and ample tiered decks with beds to catch the sun and enjoy unparalleled ocean views.


Set over a natural sand dune, the Mediterranean restaurant with a rustic yet sophisticated design that highlights the simple and essential; honouring traditional handcrafted art, mixing minimalism with rich textures and handmade details.


Offering an amazing view of the immense Ocean, set on top of the beach; the terrace is the meeting point where the best ambiance is born. Laid back and eclectic, rustic but classy.

Taboo Beach Club, at the beach, with soft sand, crystal clear blue water and fascinating wild beauty where you can explore into mental peace and positive transformation.

Taboo Tulum offers an organic textile collection that aims to preserve artisan traditions. With high quality, soft leather and sensual materials, a unique collection is created, versatile and perfect for day or night beach wear.

Taboo presents a jewellery line that reinterprets ancient holistic medicine traditions. This concept gave birth to luxurious pieces designed to bring healing and spirituality to the wearer